Are Your Trees Healthy?

Are Your Trees Healthy?

We handle tree evaluations in Foley, Gulf Shores, & Fairhope, AL

Fallen trees can cause a lot of damage to your property. It's important to take good care of your trees, so they don't break or fall. But how do you know if your trees are healthy? Call Gary's Tree Service in Foley & Gulf Shores, AL today. We'll evaluate your trees to make sure they're in great shape. We'll then suggest tree care services that will prolong the life of your trees.

Make an appointment for a free tree evaluation today in Foley, Gulf Shores, & Fairhope, AL.

Our tree evaluations are comprehensive

Contact Gary’s Tree Service today to schedule a free tree evaluation in Foley & Gulf Shores, AL or the surrounding area. We’ll:

  • Measure tree height
  • Look for signs of pest infestations
  • Make sure the tree isn’t rotten or diseased


After our thorough examination, we’ll decide what services are needed to preserve your tree. We can:
  • Reduce the height of the crown
  • Reduce the amount of foliage
  • Brace or cable the tree


Contact us today to learn more about our tree care services. We serve Foley, Gulf Shores, & Fairhope, Alabama and the surrounding area.